For the classes below, we do require an RSVP and payment to reserve your spot - our classes fill quickly! Give us a call at 828-484-9466 or stop by our storefront to sign up.



TBA in June!

This class will offer a whirlwind of information from hive placement to season-long management. In addition to the lecture portion, the fee for this class includes 6 hours of lecture and a 2 hour hands-on in the hive portion when the weather begins to warm in the spring. We will offer multiple dates throughout May and June (see below for some options). The new beekeeper will find this invaluable in gaining comfort and confidence around a hive.
This offering is held at Wild Mountain Bees, 23 Merrimon Ave, Weaverville, NC.
Cost: $75 per person, $125 for two
H A N D S - O N   I N   T H E   H I V E   S E S S I O N
This is included with the Beginner Beekeeping Class, but can also be taken separately for $35.

Hands-on session followed by some Q & A. Call the store to reserve your spot for a 2 hour slot on the date listed below. You can also take the hands-on portion without the lecture if space allows.
Tuesday May 15th, 11am-1pm (SOLD OUT!)
Wednesday May 16th, 11am-1pm
Saturday May 19th, 10-12pm (SOLD OUT!)  OR 2-4pm
Sunday May 20th, 1-3pm (Also World Bee Day!)
Tuesday May 29th, 10-12pm OR 2-4pm
S U G A R   R O L L  D E M O
FREE offering with Lewis Cauble, our State Bee Inspector

Varroa mites are no joke, y'all! Monitoring your hives for varroa and other pests and diseases is a huge part of beekeeping these days, as honeybee health continues to have new obstacles. Stay on top of your mite count with this simple test to check your infestation levels. Want to know more? Read on about the method and options for treatment at the Honeybee Health Coalition.
This offering is held at Wild Mountain Bees, 23 Merrimon Ave, Weaverville, NC.
Cost: Free!
Saturday May 5th, 11am-12pm
Saturday June 9th, 11am-12pm



D I Y   B A L M S   &   S A L V E S   C L A S S

Just like honey, beeswax has its own amazing natural health benefits. Unlike its artificial counterparts, beeswax seals moisture into skin while still allowing it to breathe. Together, we'll melt down one of our favorite hive products and mix it into a salve for your hands or a balm for your lips. Everyone will take home a small tin!
D I Y   M E A D   M A K I N G   C L A S S

There's nothing like harvesting your own honey, pickling your own vegetables, juicing your own apples. Take your homesteading skills to the next level and start homebrewing today! Participants will learn about supplies and recipes needed for any home- mead, cider, and wine making, and then dive into the magical history of mead itself. Everyone will take home a half gallon of their own bubbling mead made during the class and a mead making zine providing recipes, guides, and advice on troubleshooting made by the teachers themselves.

H E R B A L   H O N E Y   I N F U S I O N  C L A S S

Ever heard of a honey infusion? Just like water with tea, honey can take on the properties of herbs that steep in it– tasting spicy like red pepper, floral like rose petals, or comforting like cinnamon. Join us as we walk through the steps of infusing your own honey, and bring home your very own herbal honey infusion.

M A K I N G   I N C R E A S E   ( N U C S   &   S P L I T S )

Want to become more self-sustaining in your apiary? Tired of buying bees year after year? Learn the alchemy of making new colonies from your strong ones to increase your numbers and/or cover your losses before they happen. We will also discuss utilizing natural swarm cells, re-queening, and wintering nucleus colonies. Sarah McKinney will be teaching this lecture and demonstration class for intermediate and advanced beekeepers (or the occasional well read beginner!).

B E E K E E P I N G   W I T H   K I D S

Excellent opportunity to connect with your kids and train the future stewards of our honeybees. This is a parent/child class with fun, games, storytelling, and a live observation hive. Class will be taught by Sarah McKinney her daughter Zoe, and son Willow. For ages 5 to 14+ (NOTE: mature kids/teens may prefer an adult class.)



More classes to come on advanced management techniques, queen rearing, candle-making, and more! We sell high-quality, competitively priced, field-tested fence chargers and bear fencing supplies.

Advanced payment is required to reserve your spot as classes always fill up fast. Make sure to check your calendar as class fees are non-refundable if you fail to attend.
 Email:, call: 828-484-9466 or drop by the store to reserve your spot.

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