Deep Queen Castle

Quantity: 1

Here's the perfect tool for easy queen rearing and so much more! A special thanks to Dann Purvis for his help in the design. The next time you see a queen cell on a frame of brood, just place the whole frame in here together with a frame of honey or a feeder...come back 2-3 weeks later and find your mated queen! Remove the queen from your best hive and when cells are ready place in queen castle. It's a standard-size hive body with dividers and a special bottom board and inner covers. (You'll also need a telscoping top, SOLD SEPARATELY.) Insert the dividers to yield four 2-frame nucs, leave just the middle divider to yield two 5-frame nucs. The bottom board provides an entrance on all 4 sides and ventilation from below to help each nuc maintain temperature. The hive body must be assembled and nails are included.