Resource Hive (without Telescoping Top)

Superb for overwintering, making splits, building your honey producing, super hero, beast in the bee yard dream hive!

We have divided our 10-frame hive body to accommodate two 4-frame nucs. With the addition of two 4-frame nuc boxes and the nuc inner cover, your nucs will have room to expand. The bottom board has alternate entrances for each chamber to prevent drifting between colonies.

The resource hive provides an efficient way to overwinter two nucleus hives (nucs) within one hive body while utilizing the heat each nucleus colony produces to help maintain hive temperatures.

This is a great tool to create small splits. Transition frames with mixed brood and honey into each chamber from the colony that you intend to split. Ensure the queen is not transferred unless otherwise planned. Introduce a new queen to each colony or allow them to raise their own queen. Add 4-frame nuc hive bodies as needed for the expansion of the colony.

Includes Bottom Board, Divided 10-Frame Box, two 4-frame nuc bodies, and two nuc inner covers.